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2008-10-13 21:55:30 GMT
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English or Japanese?

If it's Japanese, please put it in the description for these games.
jap lang this version
any hints regarding the stuff would be nice since most of us don't speak Japanese. The Bonus CD whats it for and etc..
Just go to his site and read it, lazy fuck.
Read it...? Read what!!?

All the stuff on the site is screanshots and links leading to sites in japanese.

So what are we lazy fucks who cant speak japanese going to read.

Maybe you mr/mrs se7n can translate...?
Do be ignorant yourself.
What description do you want? You want to know what the story is about?? But why if you can't read it?
What the CD's are for? Just mount them with and install them, there are plenty FAQs on his web site explaining how to do it.
And there's plenty of screen shots to see what the CG is like, and in your case, that's all that matters cause you won't be reading the story.
If you are soooo curious, translate the links on the page with google translator or something. And, yes you are lazy, you can't even research it for yourself.
First of all and most important. I havent seen any info weather this is translated or not or nor if there is a translator. You can atleast expect the uploader too tell you that much. I for my sake, think the story is more important than the CG, and wont dl if its in japanese.
Second I would like to know if its about romance/bondage/slave training/watersports/lesbian etc.
Third I think its the uploader that should provide info of what hes sharing. Wouldnt it just be easier if he/she took 5minutes to do so, than hundreads of intrested.
You can still see all of that in the link he provided.